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Stand up sets… 

Heidi’s winning set for BBC New Comedy Award 2017. It’s about whether to kill baby Hitler. 

Heidi on Dating 

Coming Out and Poetry

Some of Heidi’s poems

Here! Happy now? 

Or some Chess Moves I’ve been researching

Heidi’s Mind Blowing Film Theories…

Did ‘Friends’ predict The Matrix? (of course it did!)

Is Tom Hanks Jesus? 

Shark Attack 2 on the meaning of Life

Short Movies…

Travel video with my girlfriend in Lockdown

BBC Quickie  It’s about Climate Change but FUN!

An Escape Room  that I made in our living room a week into Lockdown for my girlfriend’s birthday. Here I take Mark Watson’s online audience through it, letting them guess the clues. 

Spoof Travel series ‘London Wow’ made with Joel Slack Smith

London Wow – Oxford St

London Wow – Trafalgar Square 

London Wow – Buckingham Palace

London Wow – Big Ben

London Wow – Christmas Markets

London Wow – London Eye


Heidi has been writing comedy for over ten years and writing about herself in the third person for over ten minutes now. She moved to London from Australia 11 years ago but that’s neither here nor there.

Heidi has written in many formats but she never had the slightest interest in stand up, due to a lifelong fear of public speaking and bats (bats aren’t related to stand up but it felt so cleansing to admit the first fear she wants to get all her fears off her chest now – her third and most recent fear is talking about herself in the first person).

However one day, she had a nice little horrifying 3am realisation that she was not being very clever about her life or career strategy. To distract her from addressing this, her brain instead suggested a load of jokes that would only work on stage. But she still had the crippling stage fright to contend with. However fate would step in as Heidi stumbled across this phenomenal piece of advice on the World Wide Internet…

Its sassy and hilarious use of the word ‘ASS’ got her attention and its no-nonsense reality check made her realise she had nothing to fear but fear itself, a phrase she came up with all on her own right there on the spot.

Heidi took a screen grab of the image (she wasn’t made of money) and printed it at work to then stick on her wall. The results were immediate! Within a week she had done her first ever open mic and several colleagues had tried to give her £15.99 for the poster, assuming she had left the price in the screen grab because she must be selling it. The stand up night was the most exhilarating, and bowel cleansing evening of her life and she never looked back, because this other poster had told her not to.

She now gigs regularly, all in the hope to one day earn enough money from stand up to buy this beautiful print because the thumbnail is too small to tell her what is written under ‘possibilities’ and she is pretty sure it’s going to be beautiful.


Listen to Heidi right now on her podcast A Thin Layer of Film on RadioX (a very silly show where Heidi and guests make terrible guesses at film plots, over analyse a film’s meaning to upsetting degrees and force product placement into classic films)

and on BBC podcast Grownupland with Sophie Duker, Ned Sedgewick and Steve Ali.


BBC New Comedy Award: Winner 2017

So You Think You’re Funny: Winner 2016


Funny Women Awards: Regional Finalist 2016

Leicester Square New Comedian: Semi Finalist 2016

Stand Up Comedy Virgins Max Turner Prize: Finalist 2016

Tour support for Joe Lycett, Milton Jones, Tez Ilyas, Tom Houghton and The Guilty Feminist


Australian Writers’ Guild Awards: Winner of ‘Comedy – Sketch or Light Entertainment’ for ‘Orange is the New Brown’ 2019

Page International Screenwriting Awards: Quarter finalist 2013

Sky Funny Women Comedy Writing Awards: Honourable mention 2011

Australian Writers’ Guild Awards: Winner of Monte Miller Award (Best Unproduced Feature Film Script) 2010

NSW Film and Television Office, New Feature Film Writers Scheme: Winner 2006

WNYE New York Radio Play Competition: Winner.

Australian Writers Guild Northern Rivers Program: Winner 2004

Newcastle Short Film Awards: Winner – Best Script and Best Director 2002


‘Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back’, Channel 4: 2019

‘Have I Got News For You’, BBC:  2018

‘Orange is the New Brown’ TV sketch show, 7Plus: 2018

‘Kinne’ TV sketch show, Channel 7:  2014/15/19

The Now Show, BBC Radio 4: Writer and Performer 2018/2019

The News Quiz, BBC Radio 4:  2017/2018

Newsjack, BBC Radio 4: 2017/2019

BBC Quickies, BBC 3: Writer and performer 2018.

BBC Radio 4/ BBC Northern Ireland: Afternoon Reading:  2010

‘Comedy Inc- The Late Shift’: 2006



Host of Radio X A Thin Layer Of Film

Cohost of Radio 4’s Grownupland 2019/2020

appearances on…

The Guilty Feminist

Do The Right Thing

Global Pillage

Russel Kane’s Evil Genius

Focus People



June 29 (19:00 – 21:00) – New Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon. Tickets here 

June 30 (18:30 – 19:30) The Bill Murray, Angel, London. Tickets here.

July 1 – Oxford Festival (19:30) – James Street Tavern, Oxford. Tickets here. 
July 2 – The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. Double bill with Alasdair Beckett-King. Tickets here 

July 3 – (18:40) ARG Fest, Shoreditch, London – Tickets here
July 5 – Bridge House Theatre, Penge, London. Tickets here
July 7 – Magpie Comedy at Flour House, Bristol. Tickets here
July 9 – Hoxton Comedy Cabin, London. 
July 20 – Village Soho, London.  Double bill with Ania Magliano.
July 21 – Palace Theatre, Southend
July 22 – 2Northdown, Kings Cross, London.